Site Opening

I’ve been wanting to do this for far too long, here it is: I have my own website !

So what to expect here ? First the usual hub: vita, publications, social links. Nothings you couldn’t find on my lab’s site or linkedin, but this can’t be in too many places.

But a personal site should be, well, a bit more personal. So I listed here some resources, like templates and a few readings. The kind of things I would tell you if we were to meet in person, but you would never ask by e-mail. This section will grow in the near future, with some software advices and teaching resources.

Finally, I always wanted to have some sort of irregular blog on both city science and working in the academia. Half scientific things that doesn’t really fit journals, comments on articles, discussion on research itself (read: surviving a PhD), productivity at work, etc. I want to write on all those topics and I think it’s the ideal place to so.

Hopefully this site last in the long run, survives institutions and lab changes. I hope it gives you some useful infos and – who knows – maybe some fun. Enjoy your visit and feel free to share your feelings on this site !